Fall Family Fun!

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Cut out an apple shape and use Legos dipped in finger paint to stamp on the color! Visit a local apple orchard! There are often lots of activities for children…

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5 Ways to Play With a Cardboard Box

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BY REBECCA PARLAKIAN Don't toss that box into the recycling bin just yet! Small or large, boxes can provide endless fun for babies and toddlers. Make a cozy corner. A moving…

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Sensory Bins

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SENSORY BINS & LANGUAGE For this activity, you will need a bin, preferably one with a cover, to foster having your child make requests/ask as opposed to reaching into an…

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Calming Spaces for Kids

BY ALISON BICEK, OT Don’t underestimate the impact that the chaos and stress of our world has on our children. Kids pick up on what you’re watching on the news,…

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The “Colorful Plate Challenge”

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BY ANN FREY, RDN, LD Looking for a fun, educational, and nutritious activity for your kids? Now is a perfect time to involve your entire family in the “Colorful Plate…

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