Bonna visits Nairobi

Bonna visits Nairobi

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Bonna Olson traveled to Nairobi, Kenya in January 2019. This is a short of account of her adventure:

On January 18, 2019, I headed out to some of the larger slums in Nairobi, Kenya to share the greatest love story ever!! We were able to share the love of Jesus as we went door to door to meet and talk with people. We also served in the local church, at the prisons, schools, and at evangelistic services held outside at night. In addition, we were also the hands and feet of Jesus providing medical services for 600 people in two days, teaching business classes and the trade of sewing, training pastors, and serving over a 1000 kids with sports, crafts, and lessons. In the end, we left all the supplies and many clothes.

It was an incredible time but also a very challenging time. We were exhausted every day! Visiting places that have so much less than we do really makes you stop and wonder, How do I use all the resources given to me? It will be a while before I toss out a pencil stub, paper scraps, etc. without having another thought of how can I use this.

There are many individual stories to share, but I want to share with you about Gilbert. Gilbert is between the ages of 8-10. I met him as he and some children were playing in the dirt outside a home that we were visiting. He came up to me and spoke excellent English. He became my translator as I spoke with the children playing. Gilbert has a very tender heart. For example, he politely excused himself for a minute and went to rescue a little guy who was stuck on something across the way; he then returned and continued interpreting. Another time, I was going to ask the children to play a game on the ground and he said, “No, it is too sharp.” I didn’t see anything, but then he brought me a thistle. The only green space around, and it was filled with thistle!

However, the most endearing moment was in the evening. Gilbert came and stood by me as the “Good, Good Father” drama was being performed on stage and he looked at me and said, “This is a very sad story.” The drama had been done in many different places, and most of the children laughed and didn’t get that it was a very sad story. He then recognized the role of Jesus and said, “He is dying like Jesus.” So intuitive compared to the other children we met. Gilbert lives in the slum. I never met or saw his parents, and I have no idea if he will ever get out of the slum, but I pray that he will! He was an amazing example of how Jesus protects your heart.

Thanks for reading this. There are many more stories; just let me know if you want to hear more