Community Sites  

Partnering with the community!

Capernaum provides occupational, physical, and speech-language therapy services on location at multiple community sites around the Twin Cities. Our partnerships with these sites have been exciting, with therapists providing excellent services, customized staff training, and the convenience of being on-site to make therapy a part of the child’s daily routine.

Capernaum’s collaborative therapists are embedded in the child’s world to assess and treat the whole child. They are passionate about making a significant impact in the lives of under-served children and working with community site staff to make each day a therapeutic one!

Some of our community sites include:

    • The Bridge Autism Clinic
    • Franklin Center
    • Hope Autism Center
    • SMART Therapy Center, LLC…and more!

“Capernaum is attentive, well-organized, professional, and provides great clinical care for the children at The Bridge Autism Clinic. I would highly recommend their services.”

Brian | The Bridge Autism Clinic