Community Site Therapy Services

Capernaum provides occupational, physical, and speech-language therapy services on location in multiple community sites around the Twin Cities, including The Family Partnership and Catholic Charities locations. Our partnerships with these sites have been exciting, with therapists providing excellent services, customized staff training, and the convenience of being on-site to make therapy a part of the child’s daily routine!

Our collaborative therapists use a play-based, sensory motor approach to maximize the child’s functional potential. Capernaum’s therapists are embedded in the child’s world to assess and treat the whole child. They are passionate about making a big impact in the lives of under-served children and working with community site staff to make each day a therapeutic one!

Benefits of Community Site Therapy

  • When treating in the child’s natural setting, therapists obtain a full picture of his/her skills and areas of need.
  • There is both formal staff training and on-going collaboration with community site staff through day-to-day interactions.
  • Capernaum’s therapists develop individualized programs that are taught and implemented to assist the child in generalizing new skills.
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