Eat Right On A Budget


There are many ways to save money on the foods you buy for your family. To get the most out of those foods, it is imperative to meal plan before you shop, purchase items at the best price, and prep meals and snacks in advance!

Next time you are at the store, make sure to add these low-cost nutritious foods to your cart!

  1. Fresh bananas
  2. Canned fruits or vegetables (choose fruits that are packed in its own natural juices or water – avoid heavy syrups)
  3. Frozen fruits or vegetables – equally nutritious to fresh fruits and veggies
  4. Whole grain bread
  5. Brown rice
  6. Canned fish – salmon and tuna are great options – can add to sandwiches, salads or crackers
  7. Canned beans –rinse to remove excess sodium or look for low sodium option
  8. Peanut butter
  9. Oatmeal
  10. Yogurt – reach for the unflavored and add your own fruits for sweetness

Please contact Capernaum’s front office at (952) 285-2840 for more information on our nutrition/feeding services and our Tube Optimization Program!