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Meet Robyn Gerrells, Patient Services Coordinator

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1) What is your role at Capernaum?

I’m the Patient Services Coordinator. 

2) How did you discover Capernaum?

I was searching for an administrative role. As soon as Capernaum popped up on the job board, I knew I wanted the position.

3)  Schooling and background.

I have a Liberal Arts degree from Lake Region State College from my home town of Devils Lake, ND. I spent 15 years working with children in day cares, youth centers, and non-profits.

4) What made you desire to become a Capernaum team member? 

After working directly with children for so many years, I developed a great passion for advocacy and creating compassionate, healthy learning environments; however, I was ready for a more administrative role. So when I interviewed for this position and got a better feel for Capernaum’s mission to serve families, I knew I needed to be a part of it.

5) Share a favorite story about working at Capernaum.

I love having the opportunity to get to know everyone who walks into the clinic. Seeing the kiddos’ progress through therapy, hearing them say the craziest things, and giving them a high five and a sticker before they leave makes each day awesome.

6) What’s your favorite way to spend a free afternoon?

I love spending time with my sister and the rest of my family when they visit the Cities; going to new restaurants and breweries with friends; weekend projects; going up north with my boyfriend; and, of course, hanging out at home with my cats, Indy and Zuko.