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Public School-Based Therapy: Collaborative Learning

Capernaum Pediatric Therapy has provided therapy services for children, ages birth through 21 years, at charter schools, traditional public schools, private schools, and child development centers in the Twin Cities area since the 1980s.

Capernaum therapists are licensed and certified with the State of Minnesota. They are experienced in special education assessment, IEP/IFSP development, Response to Intervention, Functional Behavior Assessment, and Behavior Intervention Plans. Our therapists use self-regulation strategies, classroom modifications, adaptations, and accommodations to help students learn in the least restrictive environment.

Capernaum believes in providing an integrated service delivery model. We practice shared ownership of goals and objectives to address an individual student’s needs. Our therapists strive to support all school staff members who will work with the student throughout his/her school day.


  • Speech-language, physical, and occupational therapy
  • Consultation to the classroom staff and other team members
  • Training and workshops for parents
  • Therapy in the least restrictive environment to benefit the student
  • Small group services for development of social skills, attention/self-regulation, executive function, written work and adaptations, independent living skills, motor planning, and language
  • Training for school staff in early identification, inclusion, advocacy, benefits of therapy, episodic care, parent support, securing appropriate adaptive materials, meeting equipment needs, and other topics as desired
  • Meeting assistive technology needs


  • Partnering with Capernaum provides your students and staff with top-notch therapy services from caring, dedicated, and experienced professionals.
  • Capernaum therapists are strong, positive team members who collaborate with your staff to increase children’s participation and independence in their roles as students.
  • Our physical and occupational therapists are trained in and follow the guidelines of the MN Department of Education’s publication, Occupational and Physical Therapy in Educational Settings: A Manual for MN Practitioners.
  • Our speech-language pathologists all hold certificates of clinical competence from ASHA and a license through the MN Dept. of Education.
Please contact Bonna Olson at 952-285-2840 or for more information.

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