Download Your Paperwork

Parent Packets:

  • Home-based Therapy Parent Packet

PP_HB_2018.pdf (1.8MB)

  • Academy of Whole Learning Parent Packet

PP_AOWL_2018.pdf (1.6MB)

  • Avail Academy Parent Packet

PP_AA_2018.pdf (1.6MB)

  • Feeding Parent Packet

pp-feeding.pdf (1.5MB)

Other useful forms:

  • Access to Health Records

Access to Health.pdf (57.7KB)

  • Annual Privacy and Confidentiality Policy (HIPAA) (For Your Records)

Ann.Patient.Privacy.2018.pdf (794KB)

  • How to Check Your Insurance Benefit Coverage (For Your Records)

How_to_check.pdf (735.3KB)

  • Attendance Policy (For Your Records)

Attendance_Policy.pdf (606KB)

  • Who to Call for What (For Your Records)

WhoToCall_2018.pdf (449.1KB)