Therapy Services Overview

Since beginning the practice in 1981, the therapists of Capernaum Pediatric Therapy have built an exemplary reputation in the pediatric community. Capernaum is well respected for its integrity and faith-based principles of operation. Privately owned by a pediatric physical therapist (who is a mother of adopted and “homegrown” children herself), Capernaum is small enough to not be subject to the “profits-over-people” demands of larger institutions. Therapists have direct and easy access to decision makers who can quickly enact policies and programs to benefit children and their families. Because they and their own families are valued, Capernaum therapists tend to have a long tenure with the company, creating consistency for the children they serve and a vast amount of experience and expertise. They are passionate about learning and benefit from extensive and on-going continuing education that is instrumental in the development of an evidenced-based, best practice.

Capernaum uses a play-based, sensorimotor approach to help children achieve developmental milestones and maximize their functional potential. Our therapists work with families, schools, and other community professionals to exchange information and provide consistency in building a therapeutic routine. Our creative groups and programs provide your child with wonderful opportunities for typical childhood experiences that build self-esteem and encourage social/emotional development. Capernaum therapists are passionate about helping families find joy in the journey of raising their children! 

Benefits of serving children where they live, learn, and play:

  • Helps the child reach optimal potential in school, home, and community.
  • Encourages children to practice life skills (transition skills, safety within the community, dressing, etc.) in a safe and encouraging environment.
  • The child and caregiver has access to their own therapist and to a team of many other skilled therapists in our collaborative multi-disciplinary company.
  • Provides opportunities for children to work on goals while playing and learning with other children.
  • Provides consultation and training to school staff, which facilitates follow-through and generalized, functional learning for each child served.
  • Capernaum’s therapy features a wide variety of equipment and therapeutic materials designed to help your child achieve their goals in a fun and exciting way!

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