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Stand out as a private school that offers a unique approach to therapy!

Capernaum offers an innovative way to provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in the convenience of the private school setting! This novel approach helps the student reach optimal potential in school, at home, and in the community, is supportive of school staff, and is greatly desired by parents!

"The (Capernaum) staff is extremely flexible, knowledgeable, and an enormously wonderful addition to our school. The size of our OT, PT, and speech programs has more than doubled since they have started. They are very quick to move their schedules around to accommodate the students. The Capernaum staff works cohesively with our teachers coming into classrooms for groups and observations, giving them tools to use to help our students be successful, and always making time to speak with them if there is a concern. Parents also really appreciate the review and reflection after each therapy."
Sarah Fitzgerald
Dean of Students, Academy of Whole Learning
"The training at CCS went very well. Ali did an excellent job of presenting the Zones of Regulation this morning. I think everyone went away with something useful."
Steve Groen
Principal, Avail Academy

Which students could benefit?

Students that have unclear speech, word-finding problems, comprehension difficulties, poor attention, difficulty coping, poor executive functioning, challenges with handwriting, clumsiness, and difficulty in motor planning.

How is it funded?

  • Capernaum bills the student’s private insurance company for evaluation and treatment. (We accept most insurance companies and Medical Assistance.)
  • There is a small fee for administration and consultation time.

What is the school's responsibility?

  • Provide space for therapy to occur
  • Provide staff and families information about Capernaum’s services
  • Include Capernaum staff in the student’s education plan

What is Capernaum's responsibility?

  • Provide excellent, qualified therapy staff that meet all state and professional guidelines
  • Provide consultation and training to school staff
  • Complete full evaluation and individualized treatment (under a physician’s prescription)
  • Complete all required documentation, from start to finish 

Please contact Bonna Olson at 952-285-2840 or for more information.

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