Gain a wide variety of pediatric experience with therapists who are both professional and fun!

Capernaum has long partnered with a variety of universities across the nation as a commitment to the pediatric education of OT, PT, and SLP students, as well as to learning the most up-to-date knowledge by Capernaum’s staff. Students challenge us to clarify and justify our therapeutic approaches and treatment plans according to evidence-based practice. Our wide variety of sites enrich the student’s experience. Capernaum’s clinical instructors have historically received extremely high feedback from our interns, who bring a spark of vitality that is always appreciated!

Volunteer Opportunities

Many of our wonderful employees were former volunteers!

Capernaum welcomes you to volunteer at our many service sites or in our specialized groups! We offer a variety of experiences to assist students 17 years old and up explore careers in physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy. We offer therapy to children ages birth to 21 years. 

Our volunteers will spend 50% of the time shadowing and 50% of the time doing projects/administrative tasks. Volunteering may not be limited to just the career path in which you are interested but may include opportunities across all therapy disciplines or in our specialized groups. 

The time commitment from our volunteers will be agreed upon during the initial meeting. Our volunteers represent Capernaum Pediatric Therapy; therefore, they are subject to all of our policies including confidentiality, infection control, background checks, and dress code. 

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