Further Education to Maximize Care!

Recently several Capernaum therapists participated in a training to be able to better assess preterm and young infant movements. Specifically, they learned how to administer Prechtl’s Assessment of General Movements, which is a screening tool for cerebral palsy. All babies that are born prematurely and through the first weeks of life demonstrate certain types of movements that give us clues as to what is happening in their brains. Our therapists are now trained to recognize these movement patterns and to better identify infants that may benefit from therapy, physician referral, or further support. The assessment is performed by taking a 3-4 minute video of your infant and is then analyzed by our team of trained therapists. The assessment is ideally performed when your child is 16 weeks old or younger. 

Who would benefit from this assessment?  

  • Infants born prematurely 
  • Infants with a history of neurological risk factors  
  • Infants with a history of encephalopathy 

Feel free to contact us for more information!  

Capernaum's Tube Optimization Program Welcomes Abbie Scott!

Capernaum is excited to add Abbie Scott, RD to our Tube Optimization Program! Learn more about Abbie under “Staff Bios.”

Each eligible child who participates in Capernaum’s Tube Optimization Program is provided with an individualized weaning plan to best meet their nutrition needs in the transition from tube to oral feeding. We have seen great success weaning from formula and/or fluids with complete tube weaning completed in an average of 1-3 months.

Our program encourages a shift in mindset for families, as they go from counting milliliters and calories to letting their child’s natural eating instinct take charge. It can be scary for many; however, based on our participants, the average weight loss from the start of the weaning phase to the completion of the program has been a -0.46-pound weight loss (an average of 4% weight loss from the child’s baseline). We have had kids actually gain weight with their wean!

We have had the wonderful privilege to witness the children’s love for food and eating come alive as they develop increases in hunger and thirst cues and experience joy with meal and snack times!

The Tube Optimization Program is accepting new patients. Interested families may contact the main office for more information and details at (952) 285-2840.

“I am so excited to help grow the Tube Optimization Program! I’m also eager to create and build rapport with the children, families, and fellow coworkers.” — Abbie Scott, RD

OTA Student Testimonial

Capernaum is pleased to offer clinical experiences to students studying occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Recently, we had an OTA student; here are her comments on doing her Level II fieldwork with Capernaum:

Over the last eight weeks with Capernaum Pediatric Therapy, Inc., I have been working, learning, and growing as a budding OT practitioner. I remember my first day in this Fieldwork Level II experience. I was nervous about being on time, anticipating what to expect, and who I would meet. I was gratefully surprised to soon learn how welcoming and kind all of my fieldwork educators are.

For this Fieldwork Level II experience at Capernaum, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work in many different OT pediatric settings. I worked in home health under Abby Berg’s direction, in outpatient OT under Alison Bicek’s guidance, and in a community school-based setting with Emily LaRenzie (OT). I quickly learned how much I loved the variety of settings pediatric OT offered me on a weekly basis.

In my previous role as a Special Education Assistant (SEA) in the Minneapolis Public Schools, I knew I would be most comfortable in the school-based OT setting. Emily LaRenzie was so nice to work with, and I was proud to be a part of a paraprofessional training session on sensory diets and sensory integration. At Academy of Whole Learning, Alison Bicek was so great at providing guidance, support, and encouragement throughout my Fieldwork Level II experience.

When I first started, I was new to treatment planning, leading OT sessions with pediatric clients, and how to document effectively. Alison Bicek took the time to teach me how to adapt, grade, and accommodate OT treatment sessions for clients so that they can be successful in their OT goals. I also learned that the principal of AOWL and I went to high school together–small world!

In my home-based OT experience, I was delighted to work with Abby Berg. She was always so cheerful, kind, and compassionate towards me and the clients she worked with. I learned how to document, review goals, plan treatments, and interact with clients who had complex medical histories and diagnoses.

Looking back on this experience, I would have never expected I would grow so much as an OTAS. I am so proud of all the clients I have interacted with, the professionals I have learned from, and how the field of occupational therapy is shaping me to become a confident OT practitioner. Capernaum is a great place, and I am so thankful that they welcomed me into their practice. I hope to work with them in the future. Thank you for this opportunity and experience.

Ann Finstad, OTAS

Fieldwork Level II , OTA Online Program, St. Catherine University