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Meeting MN State Mandates

November 9, 2019

Capernaum is doing our part to help meet MN State legislation mandates to deliver higher quality and lower cost health care through innovative approaches to care and payment. As part of the Minnesota model, the MN Dept. of Health (MDH) and Dept. of Human Services (DHS) hope to form more Integrated Health Partnerships.
Our goal is to provide quality patient care for our children and their families. We are helping by partnering with local health care delivery systems to facilitate improved coordination of care, communication, and collaboration with your child’s providers. One part of this strategy is remote access to EHR. We have established business agreements with Fairview Health Systems, University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, Hennepin Health, and Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.
Capernaum seeks to engage with community partners as an integral part of a holistic approach to your child’s care and do our best to collaborate with all. We provide therapy services at many community sites: schools, center-based and in-home daycares, therapeutic preschools, and Head Start. We truly do serve children where they live, learn, and play! 

Equipment Assistance

October 24, 2019

Capernaum has identified a need in the community for assistance with upgrading/ordering medical equipment.

Ordering equipment, such as standers, wheelchairs, or walkers, requires a letter of medical necessity, often written by a physical therapist. If a child is not presently seeing a physical therapist, it is difficult to get the letter written. Capernaum’s physical therapist, Joni Vanselow, PT, has a passion to assist children and their families in procuring the right equipment in an expedient and professional manner. A process has been developed to help children and families obtain needed equipment.

If you are in need of such assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the front office at 952-285-2840, and let them know you want to participate in our Equipment Assistance program.

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