Home-Based Therapy

Our goal is to collaborate with parents and the child’s healthcare team to improve function and prepare children to graduate from our services. Capernaum’s home-based therapists understand the challenges of having a home-bound or newly-diagnosed child, recognizing how the entire family is impacted by this life-changing event. Whether it’s a short-term post-operative recovery or a long-term chronic disease, we are sensitive to the fact that we are guests in your home with the privilege of training and equipping you to meet the needs of your child.

Home-based therapy, as a part of the overall healthcare plan, can improve outcomes for medically complex children and make a positive change in your family’s life. Please call for more information or to request a brochure be sent to your home or your child’s physician.

Capernaum offers home-based physical, occupational, and speech therapy for infants and children who are:

(Capernaum's home-based therapy is...) "Exceptional in the way they boosted baby's and mom's confidence, which, in turn, led to fantastic results!"
Parent at Capernaum
Home-based baby

We hope to be a bright spot in your day when we come to your home.

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