Therapy Services Overview:  

Capernaum provides evidenced-based therapy in the child’s natural environment reaching goals through play-based, child-directed, and family-friendly approaches. Our creative programming meets the child where they are at, both environmentally and developmentally, to encourage generalization of skills learned in therapy and build self-esteem.   

Capernaum therapists are enthusiastic about learning and benefit from extensive and ongoing continuing education. They work with families, schools, and other community professionals to exchange information and provide consistency in building a therapeutic routine.

Our creative groups and programs provide your child with wonderful opportunities for typical childhood experiences that build self-esteem and encourage social/emotional development. 

Capernaum has been providing teletherapy services since 2020. Please contact us to find out if this convenient option will work in your situation.

Our therapists are passionate about helping families find joy in their journey of raising their children!

Occupational Therapy

Children receive occupational therapy to learn how to improve their activities of daily living (bathing, toileting, dressing, swallowing/eating, feeding, functional mobility, and managing of adaptive equipment), rest/sleep, play/leisure, social participation, education, and sensory processing (the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into responses). Occupational therapists work on improving motor coordination, postural control, sensory modulation, self-regulation, motor planning, visual perception, and visual motor integration to help children achieve their individually-designed goals. 

Physical Therapy

Children receive physical therapy to learn to move better! Physical therapists work on strength, balance, coordination, and mobility (with and without adaptive devices) to help children develop and progress towards goals that are individually made for them. Families are empowered with strategies to use in the home and community, thereby making the child’s daily routine therapeutic.

Speech-Language Therapy

Children receive speech-language therapy to learn to better communicate their wants and needs and to achieve their individually-designed goals. Speech-language pathologists work on articulation skills, language development, and oral motor/feeding challenges.


Children receive nutritional therapy to optimize growth, development, and health. A registered dietitian nutritionist works to meet each child’s individual needs by creating meal plans, adjusting current feeding regimens, and providing educational sessions for parents and families.

Benefits of serving children where they live, learn, and play:

  • Helps the child reach optimal potential in home, school, and community.
  • Encourages children to practice life skills (transition skills, safety within the community, dressing, etc.) in a safe, encouraging, and natural environment.
  • The child and caregiver have access to their own therapist and to a team of many other skilled therapists in our collaborative multi-disciplinary company.
  • Provides consultation and training to families, caregivers, and school staff, which facilitates follow through and generalized, functional learning for each child served.

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