Tube Weaning  

Capernaum addresses feeding tube concerns.

Due to medical complications in some of our clients, many have had to be placed on a feeding tube. The feeding tube can be a significant cause of anxiety and concern for parents, with the most-asked question, “When can my child get off the tube?”  

We have taken this question to heart and put together a Tube Weaning Program that will address parents’ concerns regarding the feeding tube. The program will identify where your child is in the process of full oral feeding and work with you to get to that goal. If your child has been identified as appropriate for weaning, our team will put together a specific plan that decreases tube feedings/calories in an effort to work with your child’s body, thus increasing hunger and increasing oral intake.

“With the help of Capernaum’s Tube Weaning Program, my daughter went from 100% tube fed to 100% oral eating in just a few weeks. The team truly understood the struggles our family had faced through a nearly 2-year tube feeding journey and stepped in to help when we felt we had hit dead ends with so many other approaches. They gave us a clear plan that was easy to follow, but most importantly, gave us the support and encouragement we needed to make this big transition. We are forever grateful for Capernaum’s help!”
Christine M.
Boy eating

Our registered dietitian will work closely with the family to provide support during the therapy process.

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